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Effective Results provides information and resources for living a healthy, well-balanced life where you are in charge.


Are you into self-improvement and continual growth?

I have been hooked on finding ways to improve my life ever since I was a teenager. I've spent many years reading self-help books and articles. It's the first place I gravitate toward when entering a book store or library.

It seems, I'm always in pursuit of living better, doing more, and being happier. And, with so many apects of my life in need of improvement, it seems this is a never ending job! I wanted to have a central location for keeping track of the information and resources I find and to be able to easily share it with others.

On these web pages I plan to share my discoveries as I research my favorite topics in the pursuit of better health & nutrition, home organization, parenting strategies and regular self-care.

I'm also an entreprenuer. I love figuring out how to make money doing things I enjoy, things I'm passionate about, things that make the lives of others better. As I discover information and resources for building and marketing businesses - both online and offline, I will share my findings with you.



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